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When I was younger and saw artworks online,
I honestly thought people made these artworks for everyone. 
I know now that is the case however, there are rules. 

Sometimes thefts really don't understand how they are stealing art/characters.
They think they're just there cuz they are, not cuz someone put them there. 
I wouldn't be hard on thefts cuz like I said sometimes they sincerely don't understand what they're doing can be very wrong.
It's when they refuse and deny that you can bring the hammer down on them. 
When they do that they KNOW and don't CARE. 

I see people (I'm guilty too) who run up in thefts faces about what they've done. 
Sometimes they swear at them, and personally I don't think that's okay. 
By all means if they're an ass go ahead swear but, when someone is actually innocent and clueless
to what they've done and show that they are clueless and SORRY. 
Don't beat em up for that.

There are a few times where I've said "you've stolen this" or "this is mine" 
and they be like "holy shit i'm so sorry I had no idea"
then people jump in like "how do you not know, dumbass." 
they probably didn't know 
a) because they're (very)new to our site
b) bought it from somewhere completely different and had literally no idea.
If you are on dA first, you're gonna trust dA. 
But if you're from ... lets say, where they're rules aren't restricted 
you're gonna be clueless and confused when you move sites. 

Take it easy on thefts at first.
If they're stubborn and being assholes, 
don't be the nice cop anymore xD 


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KosmoFresh Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A nice beginning welcome to you. I hope you enjoy it here in DeviantArt; and if you're talented, unleash your art skills for those to see. May it be great.
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